Villa Srece am Meer, Sumartin, Insel Brac - Urlaub in Kroatien

A very aestethic, clean and

equipped 4 stars apartement

is available for rent. .

Vacation at the Seaside

in Dalmatia!

Villa Srece right beside the sea with

gorgeous view onto the beauteous little bay,

just few steps to the pebble/rock beach with its

clear and clean seawater is near to Sumartin,

a picturesque little village of fishermen on

island Brac, Croatia.

Lounch in the sun, go swimming,

undertake a walk or a hike and

enjoy the stunning panorama.

Take a break from everyday life,

far away from turmoil and rush.

Pure bliss!

H e a v e n l y !

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